Market research & opinion polling

In an EU context which is becoming ever complex, issues which in the past might have been classified as “for the technocrats” are becoming more and more politicised. This is partially because of the fact that the EU decision-maker – and this, of course, includes national ministers and civil servants – are overwhelmed with the wide range of highly complex topics and decisions the confront them. The lobbyist now needs to simplify and politicise issues to get attention.

The most powerful “political” approach is often to frame your issue in terms of what the citizen thinks, wants or would experience. For “citizen” read “elector”. This means being able to put your case from a citizens perspective or taking account of their behaviour. This is made so much more powerful if the claim is backed by factual data that give credence to your assertions.

If you are used to working with another market research firm, we are happy to work with them to make sure that the project is designed to hit the mark when it is rolled out in practice.

Once the results have been collated and the conclusions are drawn, our team will then work with you to get the information into the hands of those who need to know as part of your campaign, including drafting and preparation of summary reports and brochures which showcase key findings in a clear and convincing way.