EP Mobile

EP Mobile

...puts details of all the Members of the European Parliament into your smartphone and into your pocket! Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

EP Mobile is a revolutionary new mobile reference and communications tool for anyone interested in the European Parliament.


EP Mobile is an electronic address book which not only provides a detailed profile of all MEPs, it also allows you to contact them and their staff straight from your smartphone. You can even search, sort and send group emails straight from the App.

New updated version of EP Mobile is available for free on the Android and iOS App Stores!

General information

EP Mobile will be especially valued by public affairs and government relations professionals working in the corporate sector, for industry and trade associations, NGOs, national civil servants and officials of the EU institutions, not forgetting MEPs themselves and their staff.

Contains full contact details of all MEPs, including phone, fax, e-mail, personal photo, office addresses in Brussels and Strasbourg, nationality, political affiliations, committee and delegation membership and more.

Key features

  • Contact details for Brussels and Strasbourg of every MEP and their assistants
  • Call and email MEPs and their assistants directly from the application
  • Search MEPs, shortlist them by nationality, political group, committee or delegation (or a combination of these) and email them!
  • Share MEP factsheets with colleagues and friends
  • Bookmark the MEPs you meet more often and rapidly retrieve their contact details
  • Check the European Parliament’s meeting calendar