Poland's parade of Prime Ministers

13 May 2019

Heard in the Hemicycle is impressed, mightily impressed, by the astonishing line-up of former Polish prime ministers set to be seated in the EU’s debating chambers of Brussels and Strasbourg. Of course, we’ve had former PM’s in the past. The Belgians have supplied plenty –Verhofstadt, Dehaene, Martens and Tindemans in recent decades. But never before have we entertained the possibility of a single nation supplying as many as 6 former heads of government in the same legislature!

In addition to Jerzy Buzek, current chair of the industry and energy committee and a former president of the European parliament, the following ex-premiers of Poland are each placed high on electoral lists across the nation and are almost certain to be taking up seats in Brussels and Strasbourg: Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz, Leszek Miller, Ewa Kopacz, Marek Belka and Beata Szydło. This makes a total of 6 former prime minister. And for good measure, the polish delegation is likely to include overall more than 20 former ministers!
Other former premiers likely to be elected include Guy Verhofstadt (again) (BE), Silvio Berlusconi (IT), Alexander Stubb (FI) etc…

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