One-Stop-Shop for the sheep and the lambs

21 May 2019

With well over 50% of new MEPs set to be “freshmen”, there are going to be a lot of lost sheep and lambs in the EP complexes in Brussels and Strasbourg this summer. But not to worry, the Heard in the Hemicycle is happy to report that the Parliament has a shepherding service ready and waiting…

“The One Stop Shop” is the European Parliament’s support service for newly-elected MEPs. As of 27 May, the newbies will find a Welcome Village waiting for them in the Espace Leopold, with tips and tricks and soothing words. The whole show moves to Strasbourg as of 1 July, for the first plenary session. Remember first day at school when teacher showed you where the toilet was, the playground and the canteen, where to get a pencil, and dabble a tissue to map up the sniffles…yep, you got the picture.

The parliament buildings are vast; it is therefore easy to lose your way between the office and the expenses bureau. Services provided indicate where to find the hemicycle, conference rooms, cafeterias, financial and administration offices, for example. Every MEP can ask for “emergency” help via any telephone in the complex and in some cases staff will lead them by the hand, if need be.

And you? Are you equipped to contact newly elected MEPs? Check out The MEP Database: e-Contacts EP!