How does a comedian MEP's badge look like?

19 June 2019

We have a comedian as president of the Ukraine and a comedian Who founded the Five Star Movement that is now a parter in government in Italy. So why not a comedian in the European Parliament? Nico Semsrott is a member of the German satirical party “Die Partei”. He describes himself as a “demotivationa speaker”! Let’s see what he can do for the European Parliament.

For his firs gag, Semsrott decided that an amusing photo for his parliament badge would be in order. You can see his very serious face and black hoodie here . Nico has announced that he’s joining the green group. Problem is, nobody knows if he’s joking! His party colleague, Martin Sonneborn already started mixing comedy and politics in 2014, deliberately stealing speaking time from the German far-right party and playing mini-golf in his office.

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