Flying bread rolls at the Johnson family dinner table?...

20 May 2019

Even if they have rather similar hairstyles, the Johnsons have widely different views on Brexit. These are about to be showcased in the European elections. It could be fun to be a fly on the wall during a Johnson family dinner as polling day draws closer, especially if the bread rolls start to fly!

Boris Johnson, former mayor of London and UK foreign minister, with his mop of white blonde hair that always seems out of control, is stubbornly pro-BREXIT. But others in the family seem to have different Brexit DNA…

Boris’ father, Stanley Johnson, is widely seen (by those who were around back then!) as the “godfather” of EU environment policy, following his stint as a senior Commission official in the 1970/80s. That, of course, is how young Boris got to live in the capital of Europe as a youngster, a little known fact. Stanley, who became a bit of a reality TV star in Britain in recent years, is said to have voted to remain in the Brexit referendum. Apparently, he himself had a tip at running for MEP but was passed over by the selection board.

Rachel Johnson, on the other hand, is on a ticket going against her bro’s convictions! She is leading Change UK (the new pro-EU party) for the euro-elections in the South-West England constituency. Luckily for Boris, another brother is more staunchly conservative about EU membership, balancing up the debate at the dinner table.

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