Colourful candidates

13 May 2019

Welcome to this first issue of Heard in the Hemicycle. Election time is approaching, political analysis is sprouting like mushrooms on a warm autumn morning! Our aim is to give a lighter glimpse of the future European Parliament. You will get your delicious political nugget three times a week at lunchtime. It is short, it is fun and it is free!

On Mondays, we are focusing on colourful candidates: figures who are capturing people's attention while making their way toward the European Parliament, and those that make it.

Do you remember Benito Mussolini? His descendants may well conquer a seat or two. The first is Mussolini’s granddaughter: Alessandra Mussolini (a former EPP member of the European Parliament). One of her most recent moment of success is the spicy exchange of opinions with Jim Carrey on Twitter over a meme on the MEP’s ancestor.

The second descendant is Caio Giulio Cesare Mussolini, running for the Brothers of Italy (a right-wing populist party lead by Giorgia Meloni). Ex-navy and entrepreneur in the United Arab Emirates, his motto is “History, Future, Italy” written in a kind of fascist font - nostalgic!

We are ready for a colourful European Parliament. And you? Are you equipped to contact new MEPs? Check out The MEP Database: e-Contacts EP!