A hard life for expats willing to vote

15 May 2019

Heard in the Hemicycle is giving a shout out to all the expats who are having a hard time registering to vote for the European Elections. We feel for you!

These days being an expat willing to vote is not always easy. Most EU countries have in place some kind of voting method for citizens resident abroad. However, some don’t.

Too bad for expats from the Czech Republic, Ireland, Malta and Slovakia, they will have to travel home, if they wish to participate in the upcoming EU elections. No provisions are taken by their respective countries to offer polling stations in their Embassies, or provide for postal or electronic voting.

On the contrary, Estonia is rocking with E-Voting! Expats will be voting comfortably sitting on their couch, using an ID Card and a card-reader kindly provided by the state. No wonder this country is often called “e-stonia’…

The European Parliament will soon be ready to start working. And you? Are you equipped with an MEP Database? Check out The MEP Database: e-Contacts EP!