A ceremonial day at the European Parliament

1 July 2019

Although today the attention is focused on the European Council as they try to agree on who will lead the EU Commission, the European Parliament is ready to kick off its 8th legislature. What better than a good old flag raising ceremony un the parvis of the Louise Weiss Building in Strasbourg?

This afternoon, military personnel will hoist the EU flag in front of the Parliament building in Strasbourg and medals will be given out to outgoing MEPs. Tomorrow, the first session will start as the last ended: with the European anthem, Beethoven’s Ode to joy. However, we doubt that this time we will have the Slovenian MEP Alojz Peterle performing live with his harmonica… What a pity!

So here we are, the new European Parliament is about to start working. Are you equipped with an MEP address book? Check out The MEP Database: e-Contacts EP!